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Another very common issue of overpayment occurs in cases of voluntary overpayment, e.g., the payer is ordered to pay support through the Michigan State Disbursal Unit (MISDU), but gives money directly to the recipient of support.

The harsh reality is that under Michigan Law, neither credit for overpayment of support, nor retroactive modification to eliminate possible arrears are permitted under any of the above scenarios.** 3.

As a family law attorney, I am frequently faced with the question, "May I receive credit for my overpayment of child support?

" My research tells me that, as a general rule, the answer to that question is '"No." Overpayment of child support is not typically subject to retroactive modification.

We can only consider information from you if: You can ask the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) to review it. We can only: We must give them, and both parents, all the information we had when we made our decision.

We’ll explain it and tell you what your options are.

Contact the AAT to discuss how you can take part in the hearing. If you don’t agree with the result of the first review, you may be able to ask for a second.

You can do this if it’s a decision about: There’s no fee for the first review. If you don’t agree with the final decision you can appeal to a court.

We need to receive your objection letter or form on or before the deadline date.

If you live outside Australia in a reciprocating jurisdiction you have 90 days to object.

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