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welfare and food stamps, but specifically excluded from his criticisms anybody enjoying the far more expensive entitlements Medicare and Social Security.

The swashbuckling Rivera, host of the weekend late-night program Geraldo at Large, was filling in for legendary New York newspaperman Pete Hamill, who bowed out of the commitment a couple of weeks ago. I’m like an ombudsman for ‘the folks.’”A few moments into the 80-minute session, those were the last kind words O’Reilly had for the president, whom he portrayed—predictably—as clueless, feckless, insular, indifferent to facts that contradict his lefty belief system, and otherwise incompetent. Whether his attention is diverted”—O’Reilly added with a theatrical leer, “I don’t know.”Lots of laughs from “the folks.”As for New Jersey Gov.

Every so often during the evening, O’Reilly boasted about his power, about his intimidating ability to threaten politicians and policymakers into doing his bidding, and mused about what “President O’Reilly” would have done about this or that troublesome development.

The armed and violent Sunni Muslim insurrectionists making their way toward Shiite-ruled Baghdad? ” O’Reilly declared, to raucous applause—never mind that, by most accounts, members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham, when not executing government soldiers, have tended to melt into the general population.

Rivera was dressed—thank heavens, given his fondness for naked selfies—in a summery tan suit. He was barely kinder to Hillary Clinton, though at least he sees a ray of hope should she ever become commander in chief. “Bill knows what’s going on; he understands how the world works. Chris Christie, “He’s done,” O’Reilly declared with an air of morbid finality.

Since the beginning of the year, Smith has ripped Trump for attempting to delegitimise CNN and for complaining about media non-coverage of certain unspecified terror attacks. Smith saw fit to cover the story of former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s Justice Department filing disclosing that he’d done 0,000 of lobbying work during the 2016 campaign that “may have aided the Turkish government”, according to an Associated Press scoop.Rivera’s first question: “Why are you so unremittingly hostile to Obama? “My job is to watch all the powerful people in the country. I didn’t know much about this, but I should have been paying attention to it.It’s on my watch and I’m sorry.’…I would have been humble about it—much more humble than he was.”That last claim, obviously, required a certain suspension of disbelief.In CNN, Hemmer worked for a decade at CNN, that is from the year 1995 to 2005.After CNN, Bill Hemmer joined the Fox News and traveled the different parts to cover the news.

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