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He told that Clay has already "saved about four or five lives" as an organ donor, adding that he is thankful that "out of every bad thing, a good thing" can come.He also said there had been "no real signs" that his son was struggling, confirming that Clay "had been clean for several years".Clay tragically took his own life, aged just 27 Frank revealed that in the wake of his son's death, a number of people "have gotten in touch with us already in complete thankfulness – and incredibly grateful and incredibly sorry for our loss.But unbelievably grateful that they're able to continue living.The 26-year-old actress had been friends for years with MTV reality star Clay, who tragically took his own life while out shooting with friends in the desert on 25 March.

Not only did this long-time person unfriend me, but she blocked me as well.

When she didn't get her way, she hopped over to Facebook, unfriended me and took it a step further to block me completely. There's no rule as to when you should or shouldn't be friends with someone on Facebook.

One can easily take the time to learn the privacy settings and even exclude someone on your friends list from viewing a sensitive post if you choose.

I would spend hours every weekend hearing about her disastrous dates, while encouraging her to give a guy a second chance. She chose to make sure that I would no longer see her Facebook activity and that she didn't see any of mine.

What led up to this ridiculous unfriending act was the fact that she invited herself to join my boyfriend and I at a concert.

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  1. I went in uneasy, not knowing her situation,” Rodriguez confessed to of their dinner at the Bel-Air Hotel a few days after their chance encounter, adding that he thought it would be “incredibly productive” to have dinner with “one of the smartest, greatest women in the world” either way.