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Here are a few titles to start all for .95 each: Gun Digest 2011 Book of Revolvers Assembly/Disassy list .99 now .95 Gun Digest - Standard Catalog of Browning Firearms list .99 now .95 Gun Digest - Book of the 1911- Volume 1 list .95 now .95 Winchester Model 94- A Century of Craftsmanship list .99 now .95 Gun Digest Book of Automatic Pistol Assembly/Disassy list .99 now .95 we were also able to get a few each of: Hemingway's Guns - The sporting Arms of Ernest Hemingway was .95 now .95 COOKING OFF We've all heard opinions and stories about ammunition and what happens when it is abused- burned, dropped, shot or otherwise invited to explode.In the event of a local fire, what is a safe distance from a burning sporting goods store for your family, two miles, two hundred yards, fifty feet? I recall in gun club being warned not to drop boxes of .22 ammunition on the concrete floor because they could go off like a string of firecrackers with bullets flying up to two miles in every direction.Stephen Levrant, West London, UK *much of this chronological information is from the Internet Gun Club and should be duly acknowledged.The Internet Gun Club is a subscription based library.The only problems have occurred around the later pavement lights.We are still researching the history of the house (I have not bothered to bore you with more of that) so publication of the above may be premature.They dropped bricks of shells, pistol and rifle ammo from great heights, shot at it with a .308 and then set fire to boxes, crates and whole stores filled with ammo.

He was named to head up the New York Ordnance Depot, as Inspector of Contract Arms in 1840. During the ensuing years he had numerous jobs: The story of his trek to take over his post in New Mexico is an incredible tale of hardship and endurance.When the house was built the front was approached from the river, through the garden, not from the road, which was no more than a mud track at that time, so the whole house appears to be back-front-by today's standards.The workshop also incorporated a small lobby and toilet, also all of mass concrete.His first posting to Ordnance duty was at the Watervliet Arsenal, New York in 1833.He was promoted to First Lieutenant in 1835 and by 1837 he was appointed Assistant Ordnance officer on Niagara Frontier, eventually in command.

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We bought the house from another artist who purchased it from the Hodgkin family in 1950. I am an historic buildings architect, so it has great relevance to me.

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