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The drive is 13 hours, and he suggested I might start out just giving her half a pill and, if need be, giving her the other half, as each half is supposed to last 8-10 hours.This is the first time I've owned a pug, and she's been the light of my life for four years.With the right preparation and monitoring, a geriatric dog can do quite well.” Before receiving anesthesia, senior dogs should have a thorough physical examination that includes a medical history of previous diseases, complete blood count and auscultation of the heart, in which a veterinarian listens to the heart with a stethoscope.If a heart murmur is detected, chest radiography or cardiac ultrasound may be necessary.

If the dog sleeps through, just let sleeping dogs lie and plow onward.

Nothing is worse than staring at the favorite toy that lies static in the same place day after day.

The long and short of it is that dogs are so much like humans in that every being is distinctly different. The late comedian George Carlin once said, "Life is a series of dogs." He's so right on that one. Although Dog Lady advises against getting another "replacement" dog too soon after the death of a cherished pet, there is really no rule about it, as you gently point out.

-- Nancy A: You didn't say if your pug is antsy-pantsy in the car.

If so – and with the vet's approval – there is no harm in doling out half a sedative before the trip.

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When Dog Lady's dog was a puppy, he traveled in a bag stowed under the airplane seat.

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