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For example, a user whose culture is English (United States) might choose to display long time values using a 24-hour clock (in the format HH:mm:ss) instead of the default 12-hour clock (in the format h:mm:ss tt). If this is undesirable, you can create a T: System. Number Format Info object that does not reflect user overrides (and is also read/write instead of read-only) by calling the M: System. The culture-specific data for formatting date and time values provided by the T: System. Date Time Format Info class is dynamic, just like cultural data provided by the T: System. The following table lists the ways in which a T: System. Date Time Format Info object can be retrieved and indicates whether the resulting object reflects user overrides.

In Windows, the user can override some of the T: System. Date Time Format Info property values used in formatting and parsing operations through the Region and Language application in Control Panel. Date Time Format Info objects retrieved in the ways discussed previously all reflect these user overrides. The following example illustrates this for a system whose current culture is English (United States) and whose long time pattern has been changed from the default of h:mm:ss tt to HH:mm:ss. You should not make any assumptions about the stability of values for T: System. Date Time Format Info objects that are associated with particular T: System. There is still a possibility of inconsistency, because neither object creation nor the user override process is atomic and the relevant values can change during object creation. You can control whether user overrides are reflected in T: System. Date Time Format Info objects that represent the same culture as the system culture. The method returns either an instance of that type or null if it cannot provide an instance of the type. IFormat Provider implementation is not provided to a formatting method explicitly, the T: System.

Current Culture property that represents the current thread culture is used. Date Time Format Info class in formatting operations.

Other data can change between application sessions or even while your application is running. The following example illustrates the relationship between the T: System.

The following example changes the date separator character in a T: System. Date Time Format Info object that represents the formatting conventions of the fr-FR culture. The following example shortens the long date pattern for the en-US culture to return a one-character or two-character day name abbreviation followed by the day number, the month name abbreviation, and the year. Abbreviated Day Names array, and by modifying the custom format string assigned to the P: System. The following example adds the "g" custom format specifier to the P: System. This addition affects the following three standard format strings: The example also shows how to change the era name for a culture whose calendar has a single era.

In some cases, the long date pattern, which typically displays the full day and month name along with the number of the day of the month and the year, may be too long. The replacement pattern HH$ prepends the substring "HH" to these elements. Long Date Pattern property of an object that represents the formatting conventions of the en-US culture.

This affects the result strings returned by the "D" and "f" standard format strings. The non Hours capturing group contains the minute and possibly the second component of a custom date and time format string, along with any time separator symbols. Gregorian Calendar class supports a single era, which it names A.

All characters captured after "h" and before the white-spaces and "t" are included in a capturing group named non Hours.

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