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Carter's direction is at a perfect pace with Laura Eason's clever writing. Morris brilliant double set captured everything we expected -- the remoteness of the Michigan getaway with its comfortable, inviting atmosphere, and the apartment of a single college professor who writes novels during the long hours she has to herself. There is an emblem of the University of Michigan on the wall of the cabin with its striking bright yellow maize and deep blue colors.Olivia refers to her father's old collection of vinyl and sure, enough, there is an old but sturdy record player near the midcentury table and chairs which she uses for her writing space.Olivia blossoms socially with and through Ethan as he walks a tightrope between his commercial writing which necessitates acting like a jerk and trying to earn esteem among serious writers.The audience is convinced that these opposites are destined for each other, but there is a touch of Sam Shepard with her sudden naked ambition and his latent vulnerability.Although each character regarded technology in a different way, they both learned how to maximize it to their advantage even if it means sacrificing a part of themselves.

Taylor Thurman is handsome, imposing, brash, boyish and believably incarnates a young man torn between achieving the quick success of the digital age with a secret longing for a more idealistic approach to his writing.She was devastated by somewhat tepid reviews and lackluster sales of her first novel.He is the type of person who always lands on his feet. He can go either way, as long as he gets what he wants.On the other side are three stacks of old copies of National Geographic, with the middle one twisted to reflect a small version of the spiral staircase that leads to her bedroom.Alan Edwards' lighting and Beth Lake's sound are perfect for both sets and for the transitions of each scene.

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Seemingly opposite personalities, Ethan and Olivia are drawn together by their respect for the gift of writing and a spontaneous physical chemistry.

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