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If there's one stereotype about women that kind of refuses to die it's that women are in a constant battle with one another, and that there's not enough pie to go around (or that, you know, someone's out to steal your boyfriend). "I think that we've all been deeply instructed to believe that there is only a certain amount of room for women, because it is easier to fight amongst each other than it is to challenge the structures in power," says Clementine.It's something that Clementine Ford, writer, feminist activist and author of new book, Fight Like a Girl, is passionate about ending. "I think we need to teach women to see each other as peers, colleagues and comrades rather than enemies.Part of that contentment, she says, comes in not focusing on what others think of us."We have to learn to stop looking at ourselves through the eyes of other people, because even when we look at ourselves negatively we aren't looking at ourselves with our eyes but through the eyes of the people we imagine are looking at us.

Fight Like a Girl is published by Allen & Unwin and is available now.

I think that we need to be friends with women and recognise that only by working together will we change anything.

We've got enormous power, we just need to learn how to use it," she adds.

"You can see the beautiful way women are responding to that and they love it.

They love seeing friendships between women on screen. even they were sitting in a hot tub at one point saying "we're women and we need to stick together!

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She said, "Women have been talking about Harvey amongst ourselves for a long time, and it's simply beyond time to have the conversation publicly." We do not lack for means of communication, even if we lack the substantial structural power to make changes (or even be believed in the first place).

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